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Planning and Promotion

In order to make participating in the Stand-Down as easy as possible, we’ve gathered our key resources in one location. Use the links below to promote your event, plan your event, and share resources at your event.

After Your Stand-Down, Always Register for Your Certificate of Participation!

Register to receive your Certificate of Participation in recognition of the time and effort you devoted to preventing falls. Returning participants are encouraged to register for new certificates annually. Certificates are available in English and Spanish.

Register for your 2024 Stand-Down Certificates of Participation today.

Promote Your Event

Use the following materials to share information about your event with employees, other organizations, community members, the press, and others.

Plan Your Event

Use the following materials to plan your event:

Share Resources at Your Event

Review the following planning and training resources to assess which to share at your event:

  • Written Fall Protection Plans – Develop and implement fall protection plans. Planning is essential to preventing falls.
  • Safety Meeting Guides (Toolbox Talks) – Facilitate conversations with your crew about key fall safety and prevention issues.
  • Infographics & Tipsheets – Download infographics and tipsheets as PDFs or JPEGs for use as jobsite signage and in social media, presentations, and print materials.
  • Worker Handouts – Download worker handouts – including hazard alert cards – to distribute and use on jobsites and in social media, presentations, and print materials.
  • Videos & Webinars – Share videos and webinars with your crew and on your jobsite.
  • Podcasts – Listen to and share podcasts on fall safety.
  • Mobile Apps – Explore and download mobile applications that can be used to prevent falls.
  • Safety Leadership Training for Residential Construction – Use the new “Foundations for Safety Leadership for Residential Construction” training to build safety leadership on your crew.

Archived Stand-Down Resources

Falls Campaign logo of the silhouette of a roofer tied off with a fall protection harness working on a roof. The worker is holding a hammer. The logo is in the shape of a triangle and there is an orange sunset background behind the worker.

If you’re looking for additional information and resources, review archived Stand-Down resources from previous years:

  • 2024 Stand-Down Poster – English, Español
  • 2024 Social Card Copy and paste the following link into a social media post on Facebook, X, or LinkedIn to share the Save the Date. English:; Español:
  • 2024 Stand-Down One-Page Resource SummaryEnglish, Español
  • 2024 OSHA Stand-Down BlogEnglish
  • 2024 NIOSH Falls Science BlogEnglish
    2023 NIOSH Press Release 10th Annual Stand-Down for Fall Safety:  English
  • NIOSH Science Blog 2023: Standing Down to Prevent Falls in ConstructionEnglish
  • 2023 Spotlight on Planning and PPE Fit – English, Español
  • 2023 Stand-Down Video Public Service Announcement – English, Español
  • 2023 National “Stand-Down” Event to Prevent Falls in Construction Audio Public Service Announcements
    – English: Recording | Transcript
    – Español: Recording | Transcript
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