Safety Pays. Falls Cost.

Foundations for Safety Leadership for Residential Construction (FSL4Res)


The 2.5-hour Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) (available in English and Spanish) is a highly interactive training program that teaches foremen, supervisors, and other front-line leaders on construction job sites about the costs of ineffective, and the benefits of effective, safety leadership such as improved safety climate and reduced negative safety outcomes. Most importantly, it includes information on critical leadership skills to use on the job site and presents students with different safety scenarios which they review and then decide which leadership skills would help address the specific worksite hazard.

CPWR recently adapted the FSL to create the Foundations for Safety Leadership for Residential Construction (FSL4Res)The FSL4Res is designed to meet the unique safety issues found in the residential construction sector, particularly fall hazards, which remain the sector’s major cause of workplace fatalities. The FSL4Res covers the same content as the FSL, including the critical leadership skills. The main difference is that three new real-world scenarios have been added that illustrate how foremen and other frontline leaders can use the leadership skills to prevent fall hazards on the job site.  Trainers can tailor the FSL4Res to different audiences and locations, including delivering it as either a  single 2.5-hour session (like the original FSL) or as four 30-minute and a short booster session.

You can find all resources for both the FSL and the FSL4Res on CPWR’s website: