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Worker Handouts

Worker handouts are resources you can provide to employees to support fall prevention and safety training, including products such as hazard alert cards, OSHA QuickCards, and brochures.

CPWR Hazard Alerts

CPWR’s hazard alert cards are short, image-driven materials that deliver simple, direct messages for protection against safety and health hazards faced by construction workers. They are available as printed cards folded to pocket size of 3 ½” x 5 ½” and one-page PDFs.

OSHA QuickCards

OSHA QuickCards are pocket-sized cards that use simple visuals and language to communicate common important safety information. 

OSHA Factsheets

OSHA Factsheets are full-size PDFs that highlight OSHA programs, policies, and standards.

Brochures from MA Department of Public Health

Brochures developed by the MA Department of Public Health on key fall safety issues and technical information.

Spot the Hazard

Spot the Hazard exercises are interactive ways to collectively identify hazards, problem solve, and train.

CPWR “Don’t Fall For It” Products

This 11-minute video (English, Español) features first-person accounts of workers who have fallen from ladders, emotional testimony from the family of a fatal fall victim, and information about how to work safely with ladders. Four accompanying fact sheets reinforce the video’s messages on choosing, inspecting, setting up, and climbing ladders safely.

Other Handouts

Additional other handouts.

  • Safety and Health at Work – Construction Workers (Graphic Design Pamphlet) English, Español
  • If You Work On A Roof…You Could Be In Great Danger – a handout with illustrations for residential workers on how to work safely on roofs. English, Español
  • 7 Steps to Ladder Safety – a bilingual English & Spanish one-page graphic illustration on how to use a ladder safely. English & Español
  • Ladder Safety Checklist – one page handout with illustrations for workers on how to use a ladder safely. English, Español
  • Ladder Safety for Painters – a handout from MA FACE for painters using ladders. English
  • Homeowners’ Flyer English, Español
  • Safety in Residential Construction For Contractors and Homeowners – a brochure with illustrations on how to work safely in residential construction (From Protección en Construcción: the Lawrence Latino Safety Partnership. Reprinted with permission.) English, Español
  • Fall Safety Factsheet – graphic factsheet from the Latino Worker Safety Center about how to prevent falls. Español
  • OSHA Ladder Booklet: Falling Off Ladders Can Kill, Use them Safely – English & Español

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