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Spanish Language Resources

This page compiles all resources available in Spanish on in a central location for ease of access and dissemination. All resources shared here are also listed in the appropriate resource sections throughout the webpage.

If you’re looking for materials in languages other than English or Spanish, click here. Limited resources are available in additional languages such as Portuguese, Russian, Haitian Creole, and Polish.

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Resources for the National “Stand-Down” Event

Use the following materials to share information about your event with employees, other organizations, community members, the press, and othersUpdated materials for 2024 will be available soon.

After Your Stand-Down, Always Register for Your Certificate of Participation!

Register to receive your Certificate of Participation in recognition of the time and effort you devoted to preventing falls. Returning participants are encouraged to register for new certificates annually. Certificates are available in English and Spanish.

You can now register for 2024 Stand-Down Certificates of Participation.

Safety Meeting Guides (Toolbox Talks)

Safety Meeting Guides (Toolbox Talks) are structured discussion tools for talking with your crew about fall safety and providing education about how to prevent falls. Use them with your crew:


As part of the National Campaign to Prevent Construction Falls, OSHA, NIOSH, and CPWR worked together to develop infographics. These infographics focus on preventing construction falls, the leading cause of fatalities in construction, by raising awareness of the risk and providing steps to prevent falls. Download the infographics as PDFs, PNG, or JPEGs for use as jobsite signage and in social media, presentations, and print materials.

  • Roofing Safety for Construction Workers – (JPEGPDF)
  • Planning a Multi-layered Approach to Fall Prevention and Protection – (JPEGPDF)
  • Causes of Death from Falls – (JPEGPDF)
  • Rescue Planning Saves Lives – (JPEGPDF)
  • Snapshot of Fatal Falls – (JPEGPDF)
  • Occupational Health Inequity: Hispanic Workers More Likely to Die from Falls – (JPEGPDF)
  • Small Businesses and Safety – (JPEGPDF)
  • Snapshot of Fatal Falls in Construction, 2019 – (JPEGPDF)
  • Mast Climbing Work Platforms – (JPEGPDF)
  • Production Tables on Mast Climbing Work Platforms Can Reduce Back Injuries and Falls – (JPEGPDF)
  • Proper Fit for Women in Construction – (JPEG, PDF)
  • How High is Deadly? – (JPEGPDF)
  • Have a Rescue Plan to Prevent Suspension Trauma – (JPEGPDF)
  • Roofing Safety: Walk this Way – (JPEGPDF)
  • Working on Existing Decking – (JPEGPDF)
  • The Right Length Lanyard – (JPEGPDF)
  • Safe Use of Hatches – (JPEGPDF)
  • Climbing on/off Equipment – (JPEGPDF)
  • Extreme Heat and Construction Falls – (JPEGPDF)
  • Small Businesses & Residential Construction – (JPEGPDF)
  • Plan. Provide. Train. – (JPEGPDF)
  • Fall Protection Saves Lives – (JPEGPDF)
  • Choosing the Right Anchorage – (JPEGPDF)
  • Aerial Lift (bucket) – (JPEGPDF)
  • Aerial Lift (scissor) – (JPEGPDF)
  • Working at Heights: Ladders – (JPEGPDF)
  • Noise – (JPEGPDF)
  • Falls are the leading cause of death in construction – (JPEGPDF)
  • Risk among Hispanic Workers – (JPEGPDF)
  • What Can You Do Today to Prevent a Fall? – (JPEGPDF)
  • Leading Cause of Death (Ladder App) – (JPEGPDF)

Worker Handouts

Print and distribute the following handouts to provide information about fall safety and fall prevention.


Use the following webinars to learn about fall prevention, the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction, data on fall trends, and other fall-related topics.


Watch and share the following videos to learn about fall prevention, hear examples of actual fall experiences, and build your knowledge of fall safety.


Stay informed with falls-focused podcasts. For more podcasts on other construction safety issues, visit CPWR’s Podcast Webpage (English).

7th Annual Safety Stand-Down Event (September 2020) – Dr. G. Scott Earnest, NIOSH Associate Director for Construction, discusses the National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction and 7th annual Safety Stand-Down event. The Stand-Down is scheduled for September 14-18, 2020. This year may look different​ due to COVID-19, but CPWR, NIOSH, and OSHA have plenty of ideas for participating virtually or at a safe social distance.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are interactive tools that can be downloaded to phones and other devices. The following mobile apps are designed to be used in the field to help prevent falls.

  • NIOSH Ladder Safety App – the app features a multimodal indicator and a graphic-oriented guide for ladder selection, inspection, positioning, accessorizing, and safe use. Available in English and Spanish based on the language settings on your device and available for download on iPhone/iPad and Android devices.
  • Mast Climbing Work Platform Daily Inspection Walkthrough Tool – This daily inspection walkthrough tool allows mast climber users to navigate through what is commonly inspected during a pre-shift daily inspection.

Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) Training

Use the Foundations for Safety Leadership Training to improve safety leadership on your team.

The 2.5-hour Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) is a highly interactive training program available in English and Spanish that teaches foremen, supervisors, and other front-line leaders on construction job sites about the costs of ineffective, and the benefits of effective, safety leadership such as improved safety climate and reduced negative safety outcomes. Most importantly, it includes information on critical leadership skills to use on the job site and presents students with different safety scenarios which they review and then decide which leadership skills would help address the specific worksite hazard.

CPWR recently adapted the FSL to create the Foundations for Safety Leadership for Residential Construction (FSL4Res) (English). This training is currently only available in English, but is in the process of being translated. The FSL4Res is designed to meet the unique safety issues found in the residential construction sector, particularly fall hazards, which remain the sector’s major cause of workplace fatalities. The FSL4Res covers the same content as the FSL, including the critical leadership skills. The main difference is that three new real-world scenarios have been added that illustrate how foremen and other frontline leaders can use the leadership skills to prevent fall hazards on the job site. Trainers can tailor the FSL4Res to different audiences and locations, including delivering it as either a  single 2.5-hour session (like the original FSL) or as four 30-minute and a short additional session.

Written Fall Protection Plans

Planning is an essential part of fall prevention. Use the following tools to plan for how to prevent falls in your work.

Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program Reports

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s (NIOSH) Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program and State FACE Programs study fatal workplace injuries and prepare reports with recommendations to prevent similar deaths. 

Additional Resources

Consult additional fall prevention resources.

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