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Written Fall Prevention Plans

Planning is an Essential Part of Fall Prevention.

A 2021 CPWR survey (English) identified insufficient or ineffective planning as the number one underlying cause of falls from heights.

A lack of preparation can lead to a reliance on personal protective equipment as the only protective measure, but the survey also found that when employers didn’t do any planning, the odds of workers using their fall protection equipment were 71% lower.

Use the following tools to create or strengthen your fall prevention plan.

Starter Fall Prevention Plan

Begin with this resource if you do not currently have a fall prevention plan. This planning tool helps you identify possible fall exposures, methods of fall protection and prevention, inspection plans, and rescue procedures. It is the resource to use first as you begin to build your fall prevention planning program. English, Español

Daily Jobsite Checklist

Use this Daily Jobsite Checklist before work begins to identify possible fall hazards and interventions to prevent falls. Print it out and use it each day to plan for how to prevent falls on your jobsite. English, Español

Detailed Fall Protection & Rescue Plan

Use this resource when you are ready to develop a detailed fall protection and rescue plan or when you are looking to strengthen your existing plan. It contains more information, options, and exercises compared with the Starter Fall Protection Plan. English, Español

Additional Planning Resources

  • Planning a Multi-layered Approach to Fall Prevention and Protection – English (PNGPDF), Español (JPEGPDF)
  • Rescue Planning Saves Lives – English (PNGPDF), Español (JPEGPDF)
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