Safety Pays. Falls Cost.

Videos and Webinars

Complete playlists of fall-related videos can be found on YouTube:

Bilingual Playlist, Spanish Playlist


Other Videos, Podcasts, & Resources

National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction PSAs:

Short clips for easy phone viewing:

NEW: Spanish-language falls video playlist

Safety+Health ‘On the Safe Side’ Podcast with Dr. G. Scott Earnest of NIOSH’s Office of Construction Safety and Health

CPWR Podcast: 7th Annual Safety Stand-Down Event (September 2020)


  • Stand Down Stories: Putting Safety First- The Outer Banks, North Carolina – English
  • Stand Down Stories: Putting Safety First- Baker Roofing Co., Virginia Beach, VA – English 
  • Massachusetts FACE: Protecting Our Workers – English
  • Stand-Down Promo Video – English
  • Safe Ladder Practices in Roofing – English, Español
  • NIOSH’s Partners in Safety: An Insurance and Small Business Perspective – English
  • Preventing Falls Through Skylights  – English; Español
  • Safety Pays. Falls Costs. Hear how the owner of this residential framing company designs safety into each of his job sites – English
  • Fall Protection Refresher – Tool Box Talk – Español 
  • La seguridad paga, las caídas cuestan. Hear from a roofer in the residential construction industry on the importance of using fall protection – Español
  • Seguridad en caídas en la construcción: dos historias de trabajadores – Hear from two workers about the importance of fall safety. Español 
  • La Salud no Tiene Precio. Construcción: Protéjase en el Trabajo. Hear from a roofer in the residential construction industry on risks he faces daily on the job. Español 
  • UCOR Ladder Testimonials – English, Español
  • A Simple Task – Fatal Ladder Fall– This video recreates the real-life series of events that led to the death of a 33-year-old construction worker from a ladder fall — and how it could have been prevented. English 
  • CPWR’s Don’t Fall For It Video – English
  • Seguridad en andamios – Español
  • Seguridad contra caídas en la construcción – Español 
  • OSHA Prevention V-Tools