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Occupational Health and Safety Online Advises Contractors on How to be Safety Compliant

By on Nov 8, 2012 in Updates |

Occupational Health and Safety Online has an article on how contractors can prepare to be safety compliant with OSHA’s new fall protection regulations. Their advice? Plan. Provide. Train. From the article:

Today, falls remain the leading cause of death for workers engaged in residential construction, with an average of 40 workers suffering a fatal fall from a residential structure each year.

These types of at-height worker injury and fatality statistics prompted OSHA to rescind the original interim instruction and invoke stricter safety regulations. OSHA’s issuance of the new instruction (1926.501) is a progressive, life-saving change for the residential construction industry, especially those working at height.

Follow OSHA’s three simple steps to preventing falls — plan, provide, and train — and your workers will not only be in compliance with the regulations, but also safe.

Want to read the rest of their advice? Check out their article here.