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New Spanish Campaign Materials Available

By on Jun 21, 2013 in Updates |

From the partners of the Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction, new Spanish translations of campaign materials are now available:

  • A Checklist to Prevent Falls in Construction – a checklist to plan a job safely before work starts – English; Spanish (Español)
  • If You Work On A Roof…You Could Be In Great Danger – a handout with illustrations for residential workers on how to work safely on roofs. English; Spanish (Español)
  • Homeowners’ Flyer –  a handout developed by campaign partners to educate homeowners of some questions they should ask prospective contractors when having work done on a roof. English; Spanish (Español)
  • Ladder Safety Checklist – one page handout with illustrations for workers on how to use a ladder safely.English; Spanish (Español)