Safety Pays. Falls Cost.

ISHN article from CPWR’s Pete Stafford on the Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction

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From the article:

Not long ago, I worked with the CPWR Data Center, and several other colleagues inside and outside of the CPWR family, to take a long, hard look at fall fatalities in this sector. Fatal falls in the U.S. residential construction industry, based on this research, recently appeared in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine. What we found was alarming.

  • Almost half the fatalities in residential construction were from falls. In residential roofing, falls were responsible for four out of five fatalities.

  • Vulnerable populations suffered disproportionately. Workers in residential construction who were older than 55 years, foreign-born Hispanics, or employed in small establishments (ten employees or fewer) were in particular danger.

  • Falls from ladders were significantly more frequent in residential construction than commercial construction.

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