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‘I Fell Off the Roof Today’ – Article from Occupational Health and Safety Online

By on Apr 24, 2013 in Updates |

As the Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction moves into its second year, Occupational Health and Safety Online has posted an article on the campaign by CPWR’s Pete Stafford. The article begins:

We recently received a video so remarkable that it deserves to be shared with everyone who walks onto a construction site. In “I fell off the roof today,” posted on YouTube, a roofer identified only as “Isidro” shares a harrowing experience. While working on the roof of a three-story, stick-built residential project, Isidro lost his balance.

But not his life. Fortunately, his employer had supplied suitable fall protection gear, and Isidro had donned it properly. “The first thing I did on the roof is install an anchor above,” he explained. “I already had my harness on. I had everything on, everything in place.” His fall over the roof’s edge was arrested almost immediately, and his co-workers freed him before he suffered any lasting effects. Still photographs presented in the video show Isidro dangling after the fall, shocked but unharmed, driving the point home.

“You will never see me on a site untied,” Isidro concludes. “We all have family. So protect yourself.”

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