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Fatality Map in the news

By on Jun 28, 2012 in Updates |

Mary Watters of CPWR – the Center For Construction Research and Training has written a guest blog post highlighting the Fatality Map‘s history and the plans for the future:

Right now, the 2012 map has a number of terrible accidents collected through June 14, but we’ve not yet received fatality reports from OSHA, which are critical. We hope to have OSHA’s information by the end of June to include it and load a mid-year map of fatalities through June of 2012. The lag time for reporting a death that happens now is about two weeks, a significant improvement from two years and something we think is crucial in highlighting what is going on surrounding this crucial safety issue. Still, if we post info too quickly, we miss other reporting sources that can give more details on causes, so we are careful not to rush.

Read the rest of the blog post for more information. If you know of a fatality in the construction sector you would like to report, please email