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Department of Labor Blog Post Highlights Campaign

By on Jul 20, 2012 in Updates |

On the Department of Labor’s Official Blog (Work In Progress), Dr. David Michaels has written about the Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction. From his post:

Too many workers continue to plummet from a towering scaffold, a roof or precarious ladders due to a lack of supervision or provision of safeguards.  The numbers are glaring: in 2010, more than 250 workers lost their lives in falls on construction sites, while more than 10,000 were seriously injured. At the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, we have answered the call to prevent any more needless deaths with our nationwide education and outreach campaign to prevent falls in the construction industry.  It’s my firm conviction that each and every one of these falls is preventable.

Read more of Dr. David Michael’s thoughts on the campaign and why it is so important at (Work In Progress).