Safety Pays. Falls Cost.

Day Two: Tuesday

 falls toolbox talk photo

Give a Toolbox Talk! Toolbox Talks are short and easy on-site trainings that only last approximately 5-15 minutes each.  They can be given at the beginning of the shift.  Workers attending the talk should be encouraged to ask questions and discuss the topic. This increases the likelihood they will remember the information.  Below are some ready-to-use Toolbox Talks from CPWR.  Toolbox Talks on a second topic can also be substituted for another activity later in the week.


Possible Toolbox Talks:

Falls: Extension Ladders

Falls: Step Ladders

Focus Four Toolbox Talks: Falls from Ladders

Falls from Scaffolds

Focus Four Toolbox Talks: Falls from Scaffolding

Falls from Rooftops

Falls Through Holes and Openings

Focus Four Toolbox Talks: Falls through Skylights and Holes

Falls: General Protection and Awareness

Falls from Moving Machinery

Aerial Lifts

Equipment: Getting On and Off