Safety Pays. Falls Cost.

One-Stop Stand-Down Shop

In order to make participating in the Stand-Down as easy as possible, we’ve gathered some of our top resources in one location.  Everything you need to conduct a stand-down is below – whether it’s for one day or the whole week.

Planning Materials

Written Fall Protection & Rescue Plan – Developing and implementing a detailed fall protection plan is essential to protect all workers at risk for a fall. Click here to use any and all sections that are applicable to your jobsite(s).

5-Day Stand-Down Plan – Not sure where to get started? Follow our 5-Day plan to participate all week long, or simply handpick a few daily activities from the list.

Social Media Guide – Want to promote the Stand-Down with your members or constituents? Check out the suggested social media posts in our 2019 Stand-Down Social Media Guide.

Handouts for Workers

Hardhat Stickers – CPWR prints date-specific hardhat stickers for every stand-down, which can be ordered through our online ordering form.

Hazard Alert Cards – these short handouts can be printed as PDFs or ordered as pocket-sized laminated folding cards through the ordering form.

Other Handouts

Training Materials & Activities

Toolbox Talks

Spot The Hazard Activity

Additional Training Guides and Activities


In Spanish

Posters & Infographics for the Jobsite

In addition to the posters OSHA has created, the NIOSH-CPWR co-branded infographics can be blown up and posted in order to draw awareness to a number of fall-related issues.


For additional tools and resources, visit