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Doran Companies Stand-Down Event

By on Jun 8, 2015 in Updates |

During a May 4, 2015, OSHA Safety Stand-down event at a Minneapolis construction site, Andy Smoka, safety consultant principal at Minnesota OSHA, happened to notice an individual working at elevated heights on Doran’s construction site nearby. Upon closer inspection, Smoka noticed the employee was using the proper fall protection and doing everything exactly right to prevent falls.  Smoka then placed a phone call to the site superintendent for Doran Companies to recognize their safety efforts and inform them about the current National Safety Stand-down campaign to prevent falls in construction.  The folks at Doran were excited about the idea to conduct a safety stand-down event at their site to reiterate the importance of fall safety for their company and subcontractors. Read about their May 13th event...

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Construction safety road show comes to downtown Minneapolis

By on May 28, 2015 in Updates |

An article from Finance & Commerce writes up a Stand-Down event in Minneapolis, MN: Safety expert Trevor Taylor quizzed the workers in rapid-fire fashion. “The first thing you need to do before you wear a full body harness before you go to work in the morning is do what? Inspect it,” Taylor said. “And what do we look for? Cuts, tears, burns, frays. If you can’t read the label, the harness isn’t any good.” In other words, the harness is too old. Did you hold an event for the National Safety Stand-Down? Let us know at — we’d love to hear from...

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